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V1 Premium Fingerprint Lock Clutch Handbag

V1 Premium Fingerprint Lock Clutch Handbag

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Fingerprint Lock on Schimmer Leather Laptop Case

  1. Stylish Protection: Schimmer V1 leather bags feature built-in fingerprint lock technology, ensuring your belongings are secure without compromising on style.
  2. Convenient Access: Easily unlock and access your essentials with a simple touch of your finger, providing quick and hassle-free entry.
  3. Timeless Elegance: Meticulously designed with attention to detail, our leather bags seamlessly integrate the fingerprint lock technology while maintaining a timeless and sophisticated look.
  4. Privacy at Your Fingertips: Safeguard your valuable items, such as wallets, phones, and more, with the advanced security of fingerprint recognition.
  5. Fashion-forward Functionality: Experience the perfect combination of fashion and convenience, as Schimmer delivers innovative accessories that prioritize both style and privacy.

 Schimmer Smart Leather Case

Description: Elevate your style and protect your privacy with Schimmer Leather Bags featuring built-in fingerprint lock technology. Our bags are designed to offer a seamless blend of sleek aesthetics and enhanced security. With a simple touch of your finger, you can conveniently unlock and access your belongings, providing quick and hassle-free entry.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our leather bags exude timeless elegance while seamlessly integrating the advanced fingerprint lock technology. You no longer need to sacrifice style for security. Our bags are not only fashion-forward but also prioritize the privacy of your valuable items.

Safeguard your wallets, phones, and other essentials with the cutting-edge security of fingerprint recognition. Rest assured that only authorized individuals can access your belongings, adding an extra layer of protection to your everyday carry.

Experience the perfect combination of fashion and functionality with Schimmer Leather Bags. We understand the importance of staying on-trend while prioritizing your privacy. Our innovative accessories redefine what it means to protect your personal belongings, ensuring you can carry your essentials with confidence and peace of mind.

Choose Schimmer for sleek design, enhanced privacy, and fashion-forward functionality. Upgrade your everyday style with our leather bags featuring built-in fingerprint lock technology.

Tech Specs

-  Dimensions: 245*60*145mm 9.7x5.7x2.4 inch
-  Weight:  310g
-  Shell Material:  Top-layer cowhide
-  Color:  Black
-  Charging (TYPE-C):  5V/100mA
-  Battery Specification:  3.7V≥120mAh
-  Static Current:  ≤25uA
-  Drive Voltage/Current:  3.3V/100mA
-  Fingerprint Collection Time:  ≤0.5S
-  Fingerprint Matching Time:  ≤1S
-  False Rejection Rate (FRR):  <1%
-  False Acceptance Rate (FAR):  <0.002%
-  Number of Fingerprint Groups:  10 groups
-  Indicator Lights:  Red, Blue, Green
-  Sound Prompt:  None
-  Operating Temperature:  -20-55℃
-  Operating Humidity:  40-90%RH, non-condensing


Retail Orders are usually shipped within 24-48 hours. Orders only ship Monday through Friday. Customized and Personalized bags do not apply, it may takes additional 3- 7 days.


Need to contact us?  Click Here our friendly customer service team will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours,


International shipping: We currently ship to international addresses via DHL. By partnering with DHL for international shipments we make it simple for you, by offering a way to pay international customs fees upfront. Customs fees and duties are included in the shipping price calculated during checkout. This will expedite delivery, make the order process more reliable and keep the costs down.


  • Customized Gift Message (MOQ 1 piece)
  • Customized logo (MOQ 2 pieces)
  • Customized packaging (MOQ: 500 pieces)
  • Graphic customization(MOQ 1000 pieces)

Here is the outlined process:

  1. Sample Development: We begin by developing sample(s) based on your specifications until you are fully confident that we understand your exact requirements.

  2. Deposit Payment: Once you are satisfied with the samples, a 30% deposit is required before production commences. This payment can be made through T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) payment.

  3. Component and Material Procurement: With the deposit received, we proceed to purchase the necessary components and/or materials required for the production process.

  4. Production Arrangement: Our team arranges and initiates the production process, ensuring that your products are crafted with precision and care.

  5. Quality Inspection (Optional): If desired, you have the option to work with a quality assurance firm to inspect the product's quality to ensure it meets your standards.

  6. Remaining Payment: Prior to shipment, the remaining 70% of the total payment is required. This payment is also made through T/T payment.

  7. Shipment and Documentation: Upon receipt of the final payment, we proceed to ship the goods. We will also provide you with all necessary documents related to the shipment. These documents will be sent to you via express courier for your convenience.

This process ensures a smooth and transparent collaboration, allowing you to have complete confidence in the development, production, and delivery of your products.

To inquire about distribution opportunities, kindly contact Sunny Z, the Marketing Manager, at or via WhatsApp/WeChat at +8618148582351

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Morgan Hull
Super nice bag!!

The fingerprint lock works well. has plenty of room and compartments inside. A good buy for sure. Can use alone or put in larger bag. Keeps nosy ppl out of it.



Gianluca Romani

Dopo qualche piccolo problema iniziale per configurare le impronte , e andata benissimo ed è più bello e funzionale di quello che mi aspettavo . Il servizio clienti del venditore w stato veramente perfetto a dire poco mi ha aiutato mille volte " ma nn perché fosse difficile inserire le impronte "ma perché per me la tecnologia è tabu' Grazie di tutto sicuramente acquisterò altri prodotti da questa ditta RUI